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The New Construction Department is highly versed in Owner and tenant buildout facets of construction. Benedict Metal Works, Inc is highly committed to providing realistic solutions that meet the needs of owners and general contractors throughout the life of the construction process. Our strength is the ability to consistently meet the schedules set by Owners and General Contractors in today’s market.

The Estimation Department is driven by the latest software applications and experienced personnel to produce competitive pricing and accurate scheduling needed in today’s construction industry. Our strength is the capability to provide mechanical contractors with competitive pricing, enabling a higher success rate in the awarding of bids. 

​The Fabrication Department is a 17,000 square foot complex with the latest technology and experienced personnel that design and create a multitude of metal products for the construction industry and also specialize in ornamental metals with close tolerances. Our strength is in providing the material for multiple contractors and projects throughout the Washington, DC and metropolitan area while maintaining schedules for specialty products.

The Service Department is equipped to provide the necessary quick mobilization and implementation required in handling emergencies, therefore providing a continuity of operations for all customers. Our Strength is in providing renovation and repair services in high profile and occupied locations with minimal or no noticeable disturbances.

We are only a phone call away

​for a price estimation

 Fax: 240-545-1119

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